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    How to Brush Your Dog's Teeth

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Although not all dogs need their owners to brush their teeth, those with visible tartar on their teeth could use the help. Watch this video to learn how to brush your dog’s teeth.

    Ease into this process and start off by brushing just a few of your dog’s teeth per day. Brush each tooth in a circular motion and attempt to remove plaque from the gum line by brushing it away. Depending on its size, human toothbrushes with softer bristled may be appropriate for your dog; electric toothbrushes are even better. Be sure to find a toothpaste that is meant for dogs and always reward your pet with treats.

    Lake Emma Animal Hospital provides pet boarding, vaccinations, and other veterinary services in the Lake Mary area. If you are interested in learning more about our services, feel free to give us a call at (407) 792-3322 or visit our website.

    Meet Dr. Tami Groberg

    Last updated 1 month ago

    A great veterinarian not only knows how to address the needs of her patients, but also exhibits a personal passion for them. Dr. Tami Groberg is an excellent veterinarian and fervent animal lover. Her family, which consists of two daughters, two dogs, three cats, and one husband, attests to her profound love for all animals.

    Dr. Groberg embarked on her veterinary career at the University of Central Florida, where she focused her studies on biology. She then received her DVM from the University of Florida. An essential addition to the Lake Emma Animal Hospital staff, Dr. Groberg puts her expertise to work for Lake Mary area pets and their loving owners.

    Would you like to schedule a visit with Dr. Groberg? Then call Lake Emma Animal Hospital today at (407) 792-3322 to make an appointment. Our animal hospital provides a diverse range of services, including pet vaccinations and pet boarding, for the Altamonte Springs, Longwood, Lake Mary, Heathrow, and Sanford communities.

    Deciding Whether to Travel With Your Pet

    Last updated 2 months ago

    For pet owners, leaving their beloved cat or dog at home while they vacation is not an option. If you have an upcoming trip on your calendar, consider whether your pet should accompany your journey. As much as you may want your furry friend to be part of your vacation, the following questions and answers can help you assess if your cat or dog can withstand the rigors of travel.

    Do you have the appropriate travel devices?

    Whether you decide to take a trip by automobile or airplane, you must have on hand the right equipment that will make your travels safe for your pet. If you have a cat or dog that can travel in a plane cabin, have a size-appropriate carrier that is both comfortable for your pet and small enough to stow at your feet. Should you travel by car, allowing your pet to move freely inside it could lead to life-threatening consequences in the event of an accident. Instead, keep your pet secure in a crate.

    Can you stay with your pet during travel?

    For the wellbeing of your pet, make every effort to be with your cat or dog at all times while en route to your destination. Given the stress that new environments can cause for an animal, it is important that it knows you are close by. Consider carefully whether your pet must be part of your vacation if your airline requires it to travel via the cargo hold, which can have extreme temperature changes and poor oxygen levels. When on the road, never leave your cat or dog unattended in your vehicle, as it may lead to pet theft or heat stroke.

    Is your pet in good health?

    Even with ideal travel arrangements, older pets or pets with existing health conditions may not have the strength or stamina for long periods of travel. Before embarking on a trip, schedule a veterinarian examination to determine if your cat or dog is in good enough health for an excursion.

    Lake Emma Animal Hospital can help you decide the best arrangements for your pet. For your peace of mind, we offer pet boarding services that can keep your furry friend happy and safe while you vacation. For more information, call our Lake Mary location at (407) 792-3322.

    How to Choose a Great Veterinarian

    Last updated 2 months ago

    Have you just added a pet to your home? Then you might be wondering about how to find a reputable veterinarian who can look after your pet’s needs.

    This video offers tips on finding the right vet for your furry friend. First, talk to people who are happy with their veterinarians. Second, follow up on their referrals. Call each veterinarian and ask if you can schedule a visit to his office. Third, upon arriving at each animal hospital, observe how the staff interacts with their patients. Lastly, be forthcoming with questions. Should a medical emergency ever occur, know ahead of time that your veterinarian can ably address it.

    Lake Emma Animal Hospital offers exceptional veterinarian services for pet owners living in Sanford, Heathrow, and Lake Mary. To set up an initial consultation with one of our vets, call (407) 792-3322.

    How to Keep Your Pet Safe During the Summer

    Last updated 2 months ago

    Pets can get as much joy from the summer months as their owners, as the idyllic weather makes it easy to take advantage of the sun and sand. Should you bring your pet along during your summertime adventures, though, keep in mind the common health dangers inherent to both land and water activities. With a little preparation and consistent supervision, you can make sure that this summer is a happy and healthy one for your furry friend.

    Prevent Water Accidents

    Many people assume that all dogs can easily navigate their way through lakes, rivers, and oceans. However, dogs must learn how to swim, too. In some cases, even when they can keep afloat, some pets may have no desire to be in the water. To prevent a water-related accident, carefully assess your dog’s ability to swim. If he has an evident aversion to water, refrain from placing him in it. Conversely, if he enjoys the water, make sure that he takes breaks from it to rest and hydrate.

    Steer Clear of Sun Dangers

    How would your skin fare if you went outside for several hours with no sunscreen? Human skin can quickly burn with just a few minutes of sun exposure, and animal skin may respond in much the same way. Especially if your pet has a short coat, it is important that you protect its skin from potential burns. Use veterinarian-approved sunscreen on your pet each time you head outdoors and remove your pet from direct sunlight after no more than a few hours to avoid skin damage.

    Avoid Heat-Related Illnesses

    Dogs can be effective in controlling their body temperature through panting and drinking water. However, pets can be susceptible to heat-related problems should they spend too much time in high temperatures without water or shade. Even if your pet is at rest while outside, be sure to monitor it for signs of heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Always provide a constant source of water for your pet and offer air-conditioned respites from the heat.

    Would you like more tips on how to protect your pet from summertime accidents and illnesses? Lake Emma Animal Hospital in Lake Mary is here to help! Call (407) 792-3322 or visit our website to learn more about how to keep your pet safe and healthy throughout the summer months.

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