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    What to Know About Your Dog's Dental Health

    Last updated 3 months ago

    Veterinarians regularly check dogs’ teeth and gums during wellness exams and other appointments. This helps them spot signs of periodontal disease before it becomes too advanced. Your veterinarian is not the only one responsible for your dog’s dental health, though—you can help with this information:

    Dental Health is Linked to Overall Health

    Your dental health is linked to your overall health. The same is true for your dog. Dental problems may not seem like a huge concern, but they can become worse and lead to health problems in other parts of the body if left untreated. Keeping an eye on your dog’s teeth and gums can protect his health and prolong his life.

    Your Dog Needs Help Brushing His Teeth

    It would be great if your dog could brush his own teeth, but that is one difficult trick to master. You can help your furry friend by investing in a dog toothbrush and toothpaste. Try to brush his teeth every day to remove food particles that can lead to plaque and tartar growth. If these particles stay on the teeth, they can eventually lead to periodontal disease and other health problems.

    Toys Can Help Keep Teeth Clean

    Your dog’s favorite toys do much more than provide a good time; they can also provide dental care! Chewing on bones or other toys encourages your dog to generate more saliva, washing away the food particles leftover on his teeth after eating. Make sure your dog has plenty of toys around after mealtime.

    Visit the Vet When Necessary

    Keeping an eye on your dog’s dental health will also clue you in on when to visit your veterinarian. If you notice changes such as bad breath, cuts or sores around the mouth, missing teeth, excessive drooling, or swollen gums, schedule an appointment with the vet right away. These can be signs of health problems and your vet can find the right treatment plan.

    Get more tips for protecting your dog’s dental health from the friendly staff at Lake Emma Animal Hospital. Learn about our animal hospital services by viewing our website or calling us at (407) 792-3322.

    Never Give These Foods to Your Dog

    Last updated 4 months ago

    Dogs are known for flashing the big sad eyes whenever humans are eating. It can be difficult to resist the temptation of pleasing your pooch with a few table scraps, but this habit can also be dangerous. Knowing what foods are safe and what foods are harmful is essential for keeping your dog healthy around the dinner table.

    Watch this video to learn about the most dangerous human foods for dogs to eat. The list includes alcoholic and grapes or raisins. Avoid giving your dog gum, as xylitol can harm his liver. You should also steer clear of giving your dog garlic or onions that are harmful to his red blood cells.

    If you are worried about what your dog is eating, contact the veterinary staff at Lake Emma Animal Hospital. Our animal hospital offers the services and treatments needed to keep dogs healthy in all areas of life. Call us at (407) 792-3322 to learn more.

    Choosing a Great Food for Your Dog

    Last updated 4 months ago

    There are few things dogs love more than food. Help your dog make the most of his mealtime by choosing food containing the nutrients he needs. This guide can help you figure out which food option is right for your furry friend:

    Look at the Ingredients

    Start your search for the right dog food by examining the ingredients. It is important to know just what your dog is eating as some options contain more fillers than nutrients. Dogs need certain nutrients in order to grow properly and stay healthy throughout their lives. Look for dog foods that contain protein from meat and vitamins from vegetables. Grains can provide carbohydrates that dogs use for energy, but some owners prefer to avoid grain-based foods.

    Check Out Reviews

    It is always good to look at reviews when searching for a good food option for your dog. Consulting these reviews will help you learn about the pros and cons of each option from other dog owners with a similar desire to keep their dogs healthy and happy. Reviews can help you narrow down your options, but it is also important to remember that every dog is different. Dogs of different ages have different nutritional needs and dogs with certain health concerns will also have different requirements and reactions to foods.

    See What Your Dog Thinks

    You may be the one buying the food, but your dog has final say when it comes to which option you choose. The best food option will provide the nutrients your dog needs as well as a tasty meal. It is important to test dog food options with your dog to figure out what he thinks of each one. If your dog does not like his food, he will not be able to benefit from the nutrients it offers. Find a food your dog likes to protect his health for years to come.

    Visit Lake Emma Animal Hospital for more tips on choosing a great dog food. Our animal hospital offers a variety of veterinarian services for dogs and cats. Contact us at (407) 792-3322 to schedule an appointment.

    Grooming Services at Lake Emma Animal Hospital

    Last updated 4 months ago

    You visit the salon when you need a haircut, shouldn’t your pet get the same type of pampering? Lake Emma Animal Hospital offers pet health services as well as grooming services, allowing owners to help their pets maintain a beautiful appearance and healthy body.

    We offer grooming services for all cat and dog breeds. Each appointment starts with a bath catered to your pet’s specific needs. The fur is brushed to remove dead hair and dirt followed by a haircut to get rid of excess length and even out the coat. Our grooming services also include nail trims and ear cleanings. We also check each animal’s eyes, pads, and paws to make sure they are clean and healthy.

    Regular grooming is important for removing mats, dirt, and dead hair. If it is time for your pet’s next grooming appointment, contact the friendly vets at Lake Emma Animal Hospital. Give us a call at (407) 792-3322 for more information about our services.

    Tips for Caring for Your Senior Cat

    Last updated 5 months ago

    Nothing compares to the bond between a cat owner and a cat! This special connection can last for years, from a cat’s childhood to its senior years. The veterinary experts at Lake Emma Animal Hospital have created this guide to help cat owners care for their senior cats throughout their older days:

    Increase Regular Veterinarian Visits

    Pet health is a priority at any age. That is why pet owners are advised to schedule yearly checkups with veterinarians to ensure that their pets are maintaining good health. When your cat becomes a senior, it is a good idea to increase these visits to twice a year. Scheduling checkups every six months will allow your vet to keep better track of your senior cat’s health. This also helps your vet spot any health concerns early instead of when they become a bigger issue.  

    Change Your Cat’s Diet

    As your cat gets older, he experiences changes in his body as well as his metabolic rate. This means that the food he ate in his younger days may not provide the same nutrients or benefits he needs in his older ones. Your veterinarian can help you determine what type of food your cat needs to maintain good healthy during his senior years. This will likely be a diet that has less fat but more protein than the diet he once held.

    Keep Comfort in Mind

    Just like humans, cats lose energy and stamina as they get older. Cat owners should know how their cats change as they age to figure out the best ways to keep them comfortable and happy. If your cat is losing the ability to fully groom himself, invest in a good brush and help him get rid of loose hairs and keep fur beautiful and clean. You should also make sure your cat stays warm and dry at all appropriate times.

    Lake Emma Animal Hospital can help you care for your cat during his senior years! Contact us at (407) 792-3322 to discover the benefits of trusting your cat’s health to our friendly animal hospital staff.

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